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Unforgotten Ep 26, Pt 3: Mont Highley

In November of 2003, Mont Highley, IV’s life was full of possibilities and adventure. He’d recently interviewed with a North Carolina company and was awaiting their hiring decision, the holidays and family time were upon him, and he was looking forward to spending time hunting with his father on Saturday after spending Thanksgiving with his family. On that Friday evening, November 28, the night before their planned father-son hunting time, Mont said his goodbyes and left his parents’ home for their Shorter, AL camp they nicknamed “the farm.” It would be the last time they would speak to him or see him. Shock and grief would fall upon the Highley family when he’s found murdered six weeks later, only a few short miles from the farm.

In Part 1 of our series, we painted a vivid picture of who Mont Highley was to his family and friends. We explored the memories, passions, and dreams that made him the cherished individual he was. By understanding the essence of Mont’s character, we hoped to honor his memory and remind ourselves of the life that was taken far too soon.

In Part 2, Capt. Scott Bonner, a retired police officer and cold case investigator and current forensic AI specialist, joined our discussion as we went back to November of 2003 to discuss the events leading up to Mont’s disappearance.

In this final episode of our three-part series, Capt. Bonner is joining us again as we delve into the aftermath of Mont’s disappearance and the shocking discovery of his murder just a few short miles from “the farm.”

If you have any information regarding the murder of Mont Highley, please contact the Alabama State Bureau of Investigation at 334-676-7870, the SBI crime hotline at 800-392-8011, or you can also submit an anonymous tip on their website.

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