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The ACCA social media pages began in support of our petition to the Alabama state legislature requesting a review of the current policies/procedures for handling cold cases and urging them to implement a Victims’ Families’ Rights Act. We had not anticipated the rapid growth and support of the page, an incredibly amazing phenomenon to witness. People from across the state and country are sharing these stories for the families and the victims, some of which haven’t been heard in years.


While we remain hopeful and determined to see the implementation of a Victims’ Families’ Rights Act, our efforts have shifted towards assisting families in connecting with organizations to help share their loved ones’ stories. Additionally, we are dedicated to building relationships with law enforcement agencies with the hope of collaborating and facilitating connections with outside resources in areas where they may require assistance.

Justice may be delayed, but the victims and their families remain unforgotten

Since Alabama Cold Case Advocacy’s creation, we have dedicated innumerable hours to researching and networking to provide the largest platform we can for the cases we share. We shoulder all associated expenses with Alabama Cold Case Advocacy out of our own pocket, including the subscription fees for researching and producing the Unforgotten podcast to provide a cost-free avenue for the victims’ families of those cases.

We hope you will join us in raising awareness for Alabama’s missing and murdered individuals and providing support for the families who have been forced to carry the unfathomable loss of their loved ones and the fight for answers. 

If our mission resonates with you and you are inspired to make a contribution, your additional support enables ACCA to continue our research, shed light on cold cases, and help those families know that they are also…Unforgotten.

Thank you for your support! 

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