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Unforgotten Ep 26, Pt 2: Mont Highley

Mont Highley

In November of 2003, Mont Highley, IV’s embraced a life teeming with possibilities and adventure. Fresh from an interview with a North Carolina company, he eagerly awaited their hiring decision. He was looking forward to spending Thanksgiving with his family and hunting with his father on the following Saturday. On that Friday evening, November 28, the night before their planned hunting time, Mont said his goodbyes and left his parents’ home for their Shorter, AL camp, fondly nicknamed “the farm.” Little did the Highleys know it would be the last time they would speak to him or see him. Shock and grief would fall upon the Highley family when Mont was found murdered, just mere miles from the farm.

In Part 1 of our series, we painted a vibrant portrait of Mont Highley, delving into the memories, passions, and dreams that defined him. Our goal was to capture the essence of Mont’s character, paying tribute to his memory and highlighting a life cut tragically short.

As we move into Part 2, we confront the central question that has haunted the Highley family and the community for almost two decades: “What unfolded on that fateful night, and who bears responsibility for Mont Highley’s untimely demise?” Collaborating with Scott Bonner, we plunge into Mont’s movements in the hours preceding his disappearance and the subsequent investigation.

The atmosphere is thick with suspense as we uncover the pieces of this intricate puzzle, attempting to bring clarity to a case that has cast a long shadow over the Highley family and the community for almost two decades. Interviews with witnesses, law enforcement officials, and those who knew Mont intimately provide a comprehensive narrative that seeks not only to unravel the truth but also to honor the memory of a life filled with promise.

Join us on this gripping exploration as we peel back the layers of time, seeking answers to the haunting questions that have lingered since that November night

If you have any information regarding the murder of Mont Highley, please contact the Alabama State Bureau of Investigation at 334-676-7870, the SBI crime hotline at 800-392-8011, or you can also submit an anonymous tip on their website.

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