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Since Alabama Cold Case Advocacy’s creation, we have dedicated innumerable hours to researching and networking in an effort to provide the largest platform we can to the cases we share. We shoulder all associated expenses with Alabama Cold Case Advocacy out of our own pocket, including the subscription fees for researching and production of the Unforgotten podcast to provide a cost-free avenue for the victims’ families of those cases.

We hope you will join in our efforts to raise awareness of Alabama’s missing & murdered and support these families who have been forced to carry the unfathomable loss of their loved ones and the fight for answers. 

If you appreciate our mission and you are inspired to make a one-time or recurring donation, your extra support will enable the ACCA to continue our research, share the cold cases, and help those families know that they are also…Unforgotten.

Join the efforts to address the backlog of unsolved cases in Alabama and support the rights of victims’ families by signing the petition. By adding your name, you can help bring attention to this crucial issue and advocate for justice and closure for those affected by unsolved crimes. Together, we can make a difference.

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