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Nanette Thomas

Missing – April 2016 – Montgomery, AL

Ep. 2: Amore Joveah Wiggins, Rickem Samuel & Nanette Thomas Unforgotten

Montgomery County

In a mysterious turn of events, Nanette Thomas, 51 years old, vanished from her residence in Montgomery, AL on Friday, April 8, 2016. Concern arose when Nanette's supervisor from Glovis, a Hyundai manufacturer in Montgomery, contacted her family to report her absence from work for several days. This was highly unusual, considering Nanette's unwavering commitment as a loyal employee who rarely missed a day on the job.

Filled with worry, her family wasted no time and rushed to her apartment on Eastdale Road, hoping to find her safe and sound. To their dismay, Nanette was nowhere to be found, and the interior of her apartment showed no signs of disturbance or disorder. With unanswered calls and her unexplained absence from work, it became increasingly apparent that something was amiss. Consequently, the family took swift action and filed a missing person report with the Montgomery Police Department.

Nanette's son, Ray Thomas, expressed his deep concern and disbelief, stating, "This is not like her to be away for this long. And it's not like her to miss work. We're just praying and asking God for her appearance." His heartfelt plea for his mother's safe return echoed the worries that consumed the entire family.

At the time of her disappearance, Nanette held a position within Glovis America, a company responsible for processing Hyundai automobiles destined for dealerships. Intriguingly, Nanette also happened to be the supervisor of Rickem Samuel, a young man who mysteriously vanished just six days prior to Nanette's disappearance. Tragically, Rickem's remains were discovered on June 30th in the 300 block of South Hopper St. in Montgomery. Even though their cases seemed to share eerie similarities, the Montgomery Police Department asserted that they did not believe the two incidents were connected.

Regrettably, the Montgomery Police Department has disclosed minimal information regarding their ongoing investigation into Nanette's disappearance. As a result, she remains registered as a missing person in the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency (ALEA) database, leaving her loved ones in a state of anxiety and uncertainty. The quest for answers continues as the investigation into Nanette Thomas's puzzling vanishing unfolds, with hopes and prayers for her safe return.

For more details on Nanette's disappearance, tune in to Episode 2 of Unforgotten.

If you have any information related to the murder of Nanette Thomas, please contact CrimeStoppers at 334-215-7867 or submit an anonymous tip.

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