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Ep 15, Pt 3: Andrea Gonzalez

This week is our part 3 and conclusion of Episode 15 regarding the disappearance of Andrea Gonzalez and we’re finishing up our dive into the Gonzalez’ court records. This mysterious case is still escaping resolution, but we hope sharing Andrea’s story helps jog some memories and that one clue will be unveiled.

If you have any information regarding Andrea’s disappearance, please contact the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office at 256-332-8811.

You may also contact us by email ⁠⁠ or by using the ⁠contact form on⁠.

Unforgotten credits:


Content and production by Sellers & Stormy| Editing & Sound production by Stormy & Principals of Uncertainty | Artwork by Sellers


Intro music – “Fingerprint” by Principals of Uncertainty | Outro Music – “Emotion Flows” by Louis Lion

“Turncoat” by Michael Rothery |“A Curious Trinket” | “Fugacious” by Gavin Luke | “Banshee” by Jay Varton | “Hypnotized” by Cast of Characters | “The Fog is Gone” by Cobby Costa | “Dark Roads” by Walt Adams

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