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Minisode 1 – March & April Remembrances 2023 Unforgotten

In the heart of Alabama, there are countless families who are holding onto hope, praying for a miracle, and desperate for answers. They are the families of missing persons and homicide victims, left to bear the weight of uncertainty, grief, and loss.

For many of these families, the search for answers is an endless journey that often leads to dead ends, false hope, and more questions than answers. But even still, they continue the search with unrelenting determination. Still, they hold onto the belief that someday, somehow, they will find the answers they so fiercely seek.

One of the biggest challenges faced in Alabama is the lack of reliable data and statistics. Tracking down information about unsolved cases in Alabama can be a daunting task. Despite the best efforts of organizations like NamUs, ALEA, and the FBI, there are often discrepancies in the available data, which only adds to the already overwhelming sense of frustration and helplessness.

In fact, it was our attempts to track down that very information that spurred the creation of Alabama Cold Case Advocacy. While we may not have all the answers, we do have something: our voices. By keeping the stories of missing persons and homicide victims in the public eye, we can bring renewed attention to cases that may have otherwise been forgotten.

As you read this, know that you are a vital part of these efforts. The phrase “it takes a village” rings true, for together we can accomplish what one person cannot. Remember, if you know something, say something.

Note: Please note that the missing persons featured in this video were obtained from the current ALEA Community Information Center and cross-referenced with NamUs whenever possible. However, the information contained in these databases may not be completely up-to-date or may be missing certain details. We have made every effort to present accurate information, but if you notice any inaccuracies, please do not hesitate to inform us and we will revise the video accordingly.

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