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Ep 10 – Patreon Early Release

Traci Pittman Kegley

We are so excited and thankful to our Unforgotten listeners. We have posted (to Patreon) the 10th episode! Available to non-Patrons in the morning (March 22, 2023). If you’re not a member of the Patreon Channel yet, you can subscribe here.

In Episode 10 we delve into the heartbreaking story of Traci Pittman Kegley, a 30-year-old mother who disappeared without a trace in Elmore County, Alabama. Her family and friends are still searching for answers and praying for closure, while the perpetrator(s) responsible for her disappearance remain at large. We’ll explore her life, marriage, divorce, and the events leading up to her disappearance, and while also shedding light on the subsequent efforts her family has taken to keep her memory alive and find justice for Traci. Help us bring Traci home by sharing any information you may have or contacting us through

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Here is a little video we put together in celebration and remembrance of those first 10 souls we’ve shared.

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